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Welcome to St Mary Magdalene´s Parish in the Archdiocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh
Bingham Ave, Edinburgh EH15 3HY, Scotland


  Parish Priest Father Jock Dalrymple
Tel: 0131 669 5447
  St Mary Magdalenes  


Second Sunday in Lent.


17th March 2019 Second Sunday in Lent
Welcome, If you´re visiting, are new to the area, or just live here, you are most welcome in our sister parishes. We are delighted you have joined us. If you are new to the parish please make yourself known to Fr Jock and ask for details of how to register on the parishes’ roll.

Sunday Masses
Vigil Mass Saturday 6.30pm in St John´s
Sunday Mass at 9.30am in St John´s
Sunday Mass at 11.15am in St Mary Magdalene´s

Weekday Masses in St Mary Magdalene´s
Wednesday Mass at 10.00am - Isabel O'Neil
Thursday Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 9.25- 9.55am followed by Mass at 10.00am

Weekday Masses in St John´s
As St John´s Church will be closed on weekdays this week please note that services will be in Hall or Prayer Room and that times may vary slightly
Monday Mass at 10.00am in Hall - Father John Robinson
Tuesday Mass at 10.00am in the Hall - Jean Creamer
Wednesday Eucharistic Service at 10..00am in Parish House
Thursday Eucharistic Service at 10.00am in HALL
Friday Mass at 10.00am in HALL- Isobel Kelly
Saturday - Adorationof the Blessed Sacrament 9.00m - 9.55am followed by Mass at 10.30am< - Elizabeth Keogh

  St Mary Magdalenes
Readings for Sunday 17th March 2019 Second Sunday in Lent
First Reading -Genesis 15: 5 -12, 17 - 18
Responsorial Psalm 26: 7-9,13-14
Response:The Lord is ny light and my help
Second Reading Phillipians 3: 17 -41,
Sunday Gospel Luke 9; 28 - 36

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St Mary Magdalenes News

St Mary Magdalenes News


Safeguarding is -Scottish Catholic Safeguarding Service - a duty that is rooted in the message of Jesus and in the mission of the Church. The Catholic Church in Scotland aspires to the highest standards with regard to the care and protection of children and vulnerable adults, and actively promotes justice for, and provides assistance to, those who have been abused.

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